268D Hill Boots

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Fully sprung shepherds boots, hill/fell boots with short tab design for increased flexibility.

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Our 268D Hill Boots  are traditional British made outdoor country footwear. Fully sprung shepherds boots, hill boots or fell boots (depending on your geographical location) with short tab design for increased flexibility.

Made from black reverse tanned waxed kip butt leather which is ultra durable yet very giving and flexible when broken in. Manufactured using the brass screwed and stitched method which incorporates a vegetable tanned leather insole and throughsole for comfort and breathability.

The standard sole finish is a heavy gauge triple leather sole fitted with hob-nails (tackets or tacketty boots), but  is also available either plain, or flat nailed  – please specify your sole finish choice when ordering. The heel is leather with a steel ring tip (horseshoe). Also available with Vibram ‘commando’ type sole Commando Style Soles.


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9 reviews for 268D Hill Boots

  1. Krisztian (verified owner)

    Well made ,feels good ,comfortable ankle support and brilliant walking experience

    • williamlennon

      Thank you Krisztian for your comments regarding the 268D Hill Boots. We value our customer feedback. Kind regards, Libs SLattery

  2. simon.ponsonby

    Purchased the Shepherd’s Hill Boot in dark Brown Kip with a Vibram sole and semi-sprung last. Libs was a delight to order from and my personal modifications to the standard boot were easily accommodated. The boot (size11) is a generous med-broad fit for my 10-10.5 foot allowing for a good sock. The boots were immediately comfortable and within a day or two light wear feel like old friends. The leather is rugged close grained yet supple and the brown shade will develop a nice mottled patina. Mine are unlined and this slightly concerned me before they arrived but the fit is so good and the leather supple that I have no worries about comfort even on long distance heavy use. They have a gentle flex when wearing and the semi sprung last gives a slight spring in the step. The glued and screwed sole offers confidence without being too aggressive looking. The style is clean, plain and traditional, like their owner. After years of traditional expensive double-stitched German & Italian mountain boots, which were either too heavy, or too stiff or not fit for general walking, this classic utilitarian handmade all English hill Boot gives me more pleasure and more practical use than all the others. Character, Comfort and Quality at a very competitive price. I want another pair but these will outlast me. The only tweak is that the leather laces both snapped straight away – faulty leather or i’m too strong tying a knot???? I replaced with mustard yellow mountain boot laces and they look all business. The older I get, the choosier I get – and I couldn’t have chosen better. I have a very long distance prayer pilgrimage planned in them and I can’t wait. Thanks Lib & all at Lennon’s. They give me joy!

    • williamlennon

      Thank you Simon for taking the time to leave your feedback for your Shepherd’s boots. We really appreciate it, and I will pass on your thanks to all here in the factory. It’s great to know that your boots fit well and will be put to good use on your planned pilgrimage. We would very much like to send some new laces to you and apologise for the pair included with your boots failing. Photos of your boots when worn in would be lovely to see too. Take care, Libs

  3. panther3d (verified owner)

    I took delivery of these boots and just had the chance to give them their first outing. There are very comfortable straight out the box heavy as you would expect having such a thick leather sole but this only enhances the feeling and confidence these boots will shrug of anything you can throw at them. I take size 11 shoes and ordered size 11 and they fit perfectly Being snug with thick merino socks yet still secure with light cotton socks.the boots are beautifully made. I am confident the boots are more than upto my intended use on my homestead on a remote Asian island. My only dilemma now is do I get a second pair or change it a little and get the ww1 replica boots. Anyone contemplating buying a pair I would say don’t hesitate you will not be disappointed.

    • williamlennon

      Thank you Anthony for your positive feedback on your 268D Hill Boots. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know that you are satisfied with your boots.
      If you ever get the chance to photograph the boots when being worn on your homestead we would very much like to see them. Thank you again, Libs.

  4. paulmcronk

    Bought a pair of these (flat nailed) some twenty years ago now. Lost the first “Tackett” last week! Remarkable after the rough, tough treatment these boots have had over all this time. Highly recommended!

  5. briancrossland

    Time I added a review.
    Had these boots for a few years now, mostly used out on the high fells of Lakeland and into the Dales.
    Just had them resoled, missed them whilst they were away!
    I have the nailed version, used to the nailed boots previously and these live up to all the ones I had in the past.
    Love the “Roll” you get from the sprung sole, adds miles to the day, rolling uphill and gripping well downhill.
    Warm, waterproof, I wear in wet conditions with long gaiters and they do the job, sometimes without if dryer but rarely do we get that here.
    Took them out after resoling across a wet moor and rough limestone fell. Again feet were warm, dry, and comfortable.
    Cannot recommend them enough. A pleasure to own and walk in.

  6. davidhodson502 (verified owner)

    Having already had a pair of boots from this company I thought I’d try a different set for my vintage hiker look. The B5’s I had previously are excellent, though there was something about the 268’s that caught my eye.
    After having my feet measured a few months ago I ordered a size up from my regular footwear as hiking boots combined with appropriate socks tend to take you up a size. I also chose to have tri-hobnails and requested the foot arches to be filled in with extra nails to provide more grip.
    Upon receipt of the boots I was delighted once more by the quality materials and craftmanship, this company really knows how to make boots!
    After an initial test walk some refining was necessary as I found I needed insoles to make the boots more comfortable (and less prone to blistering) and fit that little bit more snug. I also changed the laces from leather to modern ones (I prefer to lace my boots up tightly).
    On a second outing with thicker socks the boots fitted perfectly and gave me the confidence to climb mountains. Seriously, I took them on holiday to the Lake District and climbed up to the peaks of Skiddaw and Old Man Of Consiton.
    Hobnails provide very good grip indeed – don’t listen to anyone saying rubber is better! I love these boots and look forward to scrambling more mountains in them.

    • williamlennon

      Thank you David for your positive feedback on your 268D Hill Boots. We really appreciate you taking the time to let us know that your boots are working hard for you, and we wish you many happy miles of trekking. Regards, Libs.

  7. Daniel Coats (verified owner)

    I bought these for tramping through muddy fields and hill walking. I went with the hobnailed version – slightly apprehensively as I never had anything like this before. The boots are excellent. They are heavy but in a reassuringly ‘they will last kind of way’. I thought they would take some breaking in but they have been comfortable right from the off. I’ve been really pleased with them. They are a quality product from some very helpful people and I suspect they are going to last a very long time. Looking forward to many miles in them.

  8. Mark Elliot (verified owner)

    These boots are excellent! I bought them because I wanted to try out fully sprung toes and hobnails. Both features exceeded expectations: the fully sprung toes make undulating terrain a joy to bestride, and the hobnails grip grassy banks like nothing else I have tried. All that and superbly well and strongly made boots that have been comfortable from the off! My only other comment would be that my foot shape would seem to be a bit skinny for the boot shape, as the facings are nearly closed up already – perhaps I will need to go for the tug-of-war boots next time. This aspect of the fit is not affecting the comfort or grip, however. As I wrote, these boots are excellent – and well worth the wait to make them.

  9. Michał Wiśliński (verified owner)

    I have been wearing these boots for over 2 years now. Chunky and heavy as they are, they feel like second skin once broken in. The quality is great, both in materials and craftsmanship. The toe spring requires a little getting used to but there’s nothing to fear – after some time the way the boots “roll” will feel perfectly natural.
    I have worn various alpine and military boots but these hill boots somehow feel more “friendly” if that makes sense. At any rate, they molded to the shape of my feet beautifully.
    On the downside, I find them slightly to hot to wear in the peak of summer but I guess this isn’t exactly what they were made for. They work great in cold and wet conditions though.
    The roughout leather is so sturdy that it managed to save my foot during an unlucky accident when my hatchet slipped and hit my foot. Of course the leather was cut but it still protected me from a serious injury. I can’t help the feeling the blade would have dug well into the bone if I was wearing any other boots at the time.
    All in all, I definitely recommend the hill boots to anyone looking for a strong, reliable, no-nonsense footwear.

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