78PTC Mens Traditional Leather Derby Boot

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Traditional Derby style leather soled boots with 7 eyelet upper, punched toe-cap detailing. Produced using Portuguese prime tanned dark brown smooth full grain leather.


Product Description

Traditional Derby style leather soled boots with 7 eyelet /  6.5 inch upper using Portuguese prime tanned dark brown full grain leather. Punched toe detailing at the cap for added smartness.

Shown with a leather lining which can be added for just  £17.50, this style is not lined as standard. If you wish to add a lining please contact us to place your order.

Brass screwed and stitched construction incorporating a leather insole, a heavy duty triple leather sole and a leather heel with rubber top piece. Alternative sole finishes are available for this style, including Vibram heavy duty rubber unit.

Manufactured here in our Derbyshire Peak District factory & ‘Made to Order’, please allow 20 working weeks for delivery.

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11 reviews for 78PTC Mens Traditional Leather Derby Boot

  1. ryancruse

    I have had my boots for three years and they are still going strong. I have the commando sole fitted as this was the option at the time, and with all the walking I do there is minimal wear. Well made and very comfy (once broken in). These will last me a life time!

    • williamlennon

      Thank you for your comments about your 78PTC boots, we appreciate the positive feedback from our customers.
      Regards, Libs Slattery – William Lennon & Co Ltd

  2. graemef74

    Had a custom pair of these made up in two tone black Scotch grain and mahogany brown full grain leather. Have walked for miles in them, dug the garden, stamped down slabs and generally abused them but a quick wipe down and a bit of ledergris and they hardly look broken in. I reckon by the time you are throwing your worn out Timberlands in the bin, a pair of Lennon’s might be just about broken in. Toughest made boots anywhere and British too!

    • williamlennon

      Hello Graeme

      Many thanks for your positive feedback on your William Lennon boots – it’s good to hear that they work hard for you, and are settling in nicely. We always appreciate our customer reviews, and we look forward to hearing from you again in the future.


      Libs Slattery

  3. michaeljourdan (verified owner)

    Dear William Lennon Team
    I just received my second pair hand made boots from you which is the Zug Grain Field Boot and the other one is the Traditional Derby Boot.
    I have bought them in quick success because I am so amazed your craftsmanship, how comfortable these boots are and after they are broken in you hardly feel them on your feet
    With a good pair of wool socks the comfort and climate is just perfect
    I hope more and more people will learn to appreciate such boots at such a good value for money
    and we see these more often

    Thank you and keep the needle and awl pointy



    • williamlennon

      Hello Michael, many thanks for writing your review of the two pairs of William Lennon boots. We really appreciate you taking the time to comment and leave feedback for us.
      We look forward to hearing from you again in the future, Libs.

  4. Travis (verified owner)

    Comfortable right of the box! Great looking boots and amazing quality.

    • williamlennon

      Thank you for your feedback Travis, we really appreciate you taking the time to post your comments on the 78PTC Derby boots.

  5. Ben Scott (verified owner)

    Just recieved mine and all i can say is well worth the wait, by far the highest quality shoes ive ever seen. They look very smart but are also tougher than even my work boots. The fit was perfect and they are very comfortable even without breaking in for my foot shape. Will definitely have to get a second pair. Customer service was also excellent and were very helpful in choosing the right size.
    I had read other rave reviews before purchasing but i was still suprised by the outstanding quality. I would easily pay double the price for these and still be chuffed

    • williamlennon

      Thank you Ben for taking the time to write your review. We really appreciate the feedback, and hope that your 78PTC boots give many years of service. We look forward to hearing from you again too. Regards, Libs

  6. Gary Travis Clarke (verified owner)

    Had mine for about 3 weeks now, took me about 2 weeks to bed them in but now they are like slippers not sure if it’s the way I walk but tip of sole seems to be wearing quick on the tip of the toe so will probably get a thin rubber sole fitted to protect them, best boots I have ever bought

    • williamlennon

      Hello Gary

      Thank you for taking the time to review your 78PTC Derby boots. We hope they give many years of service for you. If we can help with the rubber forepart to extend the life of the leather sole, please let us know. Kind regards, Libs.

  7. johndundrum (verified owner)

    Hi Libs and the whole team at William Lennon, just received my 78PTC Derby Boots – the quality and workmanship are second to none! I have other boots from other manufacturers – but these are in a league all to themselves! Fantastic value for money, hand built quality that you just don’t see anymore! Except at William Lennon! Lovely leather, fit beautifully! Well worth the wait! Looking forward to long walks in them. Well done to all and a happy Christmas! John.

    • williamlennon

      Thank you John for taking the time to let us know that your 78PTC traditional Derby boots are safely with you and that you are happy with them. We thank you once again for your order and wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year. Kind regards, Libs & the William Lennon elves…

  8. milestubb1 (verified owner)

    Fabulous boots which really are well priced for a hand made British boot. Didn’t take that long to break in and are now extremely comfortable.
    Obviously built to last with thick, well treated leather. I have two pairs of Rufflander work boots bought secondhand. They’re great but it’s been a real pleasure buy a pair new.
    Well chuffed.

  9. johndundrum (verified owner)

    Just got my 78PTC traditional Derby boots in Horween Chromexcel #8. Leather lined with rubber forepart and heel over a triple leather sole. Out of the box so comfy! Love the colour and quality of the build – truly quality boots! Keep up the great work! Fantastic English company, great to get hand built quality from a family business with such history and expertise! Talk soon, John.

  10. alexis.alain (verified owner)

    Hello to all the Rufflander team,

    I am part of the customers really sastifait of the product. I waited three weeks that was worth it.
    I ordered the “78PTC Mens Traditional Leather Derby Boot” with a change in heel height. I do not hide the fact that at first glance the house Rufflander has a tradition that I hope will last as long as possible because having his boots on foot gives you the feeling of finally having a real pair all leather boots. Unfortunately today, something that is rare …
    I’m already thinking about my second pair.

    Thank you very much for your expertise.

    See you soon.


  11. Philip (verified owner)

    Dear Libs and everybody at W Lennon

    I’ve had my 78PTCs for over two years now and I’ve only just realised I never got around to reviewing them! They’re on their second set of soles (Vibram lugs this time, I chewed through the original leather soles, but I had them repaired by Lennon’s, no problem at all) and they look, if anything, better as they’ve aged, the uppers have creased nicely- with the uppers, eyelets, stitching, lining, insoles etc all 100% sound after all this time and wear. The leather insoles mould to your feet as mentioned, breaking them in was pretty easy, and they’ve been comfy ever since, even without adding insoles. This model has a slight spring to the last- not as pronounced as a shepherd’s boot, but your feet “roll” a bit as you walk- which initially felt a bit weird, but the foot support from the spring comes into its own over long distances and feels especially sure-footed and natural when walking on rocky, muddy, slanty or otherwise rough terrain- so much so I’m mulling over ordering a pair of the shepherd’s models for extra ankle support while hiking. (once I’ve decided between sprung/semi sprung, hobnails/Vibram etc) To summarise, I’d recommend the 78PTCs to anybody looking for a comfortable, repairable, ultra-reliable pair of boots that will serve them well for many years- excellent quality materials put together very solidly indeed!

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