78TC Traditional Work Boot

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Classic design tough mens work boots suitable for the most arduous environments.


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Classic design tough mens work boots suitable for the most arduous environments. 6 inch straight top upper made with mahogany brown waxy full grain leather.

Shown as leather lined in the image (£17.50 extra), the standard 78TC does not have a leather lining. If you would like to add the lining please contact us to order your boots.

Vegetable-natural tanned leather insole and throughsole which mould to the individual foot and are extremely breathable. Heavy duty ‘commando’ style cleated all terrain Vibram soles, which are replaceable.

Craftsman made footwear manufactured here in our long established Derbyshire Peak District factory.

Made to Order, please allow 15 working weeks.

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16 reviews for 78TC Traditional Work Boot

  1. iliassaprikis

    Got those boots a few days ago. They are well made and heavy. The stock colour “mahogany” is brown with reddish hue, much better in my eyes than the site photo. I ordered them with leather lining, and i started to break them in during Greek summer… So far everything OK. Even after 15 hours of continuous wear my feet are not complaining. I am very happy with this purchase.

    • williamlennon

      Hello Ilias,

      Thank you for your comments on your 78TC boots, we really appreciate the feedback from our customers.

      Kind regards

      Libs Slattery

  2. graemelamkin

    Had these boots around two years now. Took a little while to arrive, but worth the wait. The picture on the Lennon website does not really show the boot as it appears in real life, as it is not at all tan or shiny in appearance, but rather a matt/waxy dark brown- more like the leather used in saddlery or dog leads.
    The leather is obviously of a high quality, and after a little wetting and hand-‘working’ with some E 45 hand-cream was made wonderfully soft and ready for wear to work. Somewhat irritatingly, the William Lennon items I have purchased in the past all seem to be very multi-purpose, making other , more expensively footwear almost redundant.
    I wear these work boots for landscaping work around seven months of the year (I live in southern England and usually wear lighter desert boots in the height of summer), but they are extraordinarily comfortable in almost all weathers save for very hot. On Holiday in the highlands of Scotland, I had some Meindl walking boots, but found myself wearing the William Lennons most of the time as they were more versatile, and, with some good wax, almost completely water-proof, despite being unlined and without goretex.
    After two years there is no visible wear on either sole or uppers, and I imagine they will serve me for at least 6-7 years, making them far more economical then typical foreign-made work boots.
    If I had a gripe, it is only that the foot-bed is pretty hard- however this has been easily resolved with a pair of Meindl inner soles from my walking boots.

    The simple unlined construction is a huge advantage- making these boots breathable and completely free of odour even after the longest day at work!!!

  3. Ian (verified owner)

    Really comfortable boots, especially once the sole has bedded into your foot shape. As the boots wear and the leather softens the underlying grain show through. I mostly wear these as casual boots, but they would clearly do really well as work or walking boots. The soles have just the right balance of flexibility to rigidity for multipurpose wear. The leather toecaps provide an extra degree of solidity and firmness at the toes. The “commando style” vibrate soles are hard wearing and provide excellent grip and comfort.

    Great all round boots that also look perfect with a pair of jeans. Made of leathers that age beautifully. Perfect.

  4. mrsaunders

    Bought these boots three years ago, when I wanted a boot for walking, winter and working. I felt at the time that a man should have one boot for all boot-related purposes, rather than a rag-tag collection of wellies, snow boots, hiking boots, casual boots and work boots. This is definitely that boot! They also look fantastic with turned-up jeans.

    I have worn these in Dartmoor, the Lake District, and all over Wales. More than that, I wore these touring Nepal, including in a monsoon flood past my knees as well as trekking up and down a jungle-covered hillside, and through a mile-long cave. I also wore these in South Africa in 40C heat, as well as a Canadian winter that went down past -35C.

    I now work in construction, and these are my work boots. This model doesn’t have a safety toe, but the sole is thick enough to prevent nails going through your foot, which is the main danger I face. I realised that these are actually the cheapest shoes I ever bought, when I consider how many pairs of mass-produced shoes I would have destroyed by now.

    I think insoles are essential for these boots. I use woollen felt insoles I made myself by hot-washing an old jumper, and I glued them down. This prevents the foot slipping on the leather footbed, provides slight cushioning, and wicks sweat away from the foot. The boots are significantly more comfortable with this addition, I understand this was standard practice for soldiers in WW2 (who wore very similar boots)).

    Some people who are accustomed to trainers or lighter weight ‘fashion boots’ will be surprised by the weight and rigidity of these boots, but if that is you, then I really suggest you persevere with getting used to these, it’s entirely worth it.

    • williamlennon

      Many thanks for your review of your 78TC traditional work boots. It’s so good to get such informative feedback that we can let other potential customers read before buying boots.

      You have certainly made good use of your work boots, and to know that they have stood up to all the various climates and temperatures they have seen, is a great source of satisfaction for us as the manufacturer.

      Your advice for the insole will sit well with those would-be customers who are unsure how to deal with the plain leather insole our boots are traditionally finished with.

      We look forward to hearing from you again in the future, and if you ever have any photos of your boots on ‘their’ travels we would love to see them.

  5. Adam (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a light and attractive fashion boot then these are not for you. If however, you are looking for a well made, no nonsense, seriously tough boot that will last for years and years then look no further. Mine are comfortable enough to wear with ordinary socks and tough enough to wear on the footplate. These are without a doubt the best boots I have ever owned. I used to wear another very popular ‘British’ brand from around the same price mark for years, but these boots are just in whole other league.
    Buy them and you will not be disappointed.

    • williamlennon

      Thank you for your positive feedback on your 78TC work boots, we really appreciate you taking the time to write your review. Kind regards, Libs.

  6. Andreas (verified owner)

    Tough, heavy, sole is a tad ‘stiff’, yet unbelievably comfortable and imparts a secure feeling. Six months in, almost everyday wear, mostly walking in forest and on pavement: still like new. Never had chafe or blisters. Any sock works, but the shoe comes to its full potential in combination with some quality woolen socks. The leather straps have a nice feel to them, but are not as sturdy as for instance waxed and pressed straps. The leather middle sole is tan in reality and later goes darker. Only noticed the nails on the inner sole recently, very nice touch. Probably going to order the 78 TOW as well. Greetings from Sweden.

    • williamlennon

      Thank you for your review Andreas, we really appreciate your time given to letting us know you are happy with your boots.
      Kind regards, Libs.

  7. Olivier (verified owner)

    Perfectly amazing.
    As a rough Photographer since 16 years, i’m always working on fields, woods etc..so i was searching something new for my feet.I never thought it was possible to find such a comfortable perfection.
    No “break in” time? Waow. You understand better the fabulous reputation of William Lennon boots when you experienced that fact on daily life.
    Long live to William Lennon and many thanks to Libs for her precious advices.
    Regards from Paris

    • williamlennon

      Thank you for your feedback and review of your 78TC traditional work boots, we appreciate you taking the time to let us know you thoughts.

  8. Denise (verified owner)

    I purchased a pair of these boots, which have just arrived! They are even better looking than the photo, and I have them on as I am typing this review. The fit is perfect and the leather is top quality. I do a lot of work outside doing hedgelaying etc and I know I will be wearing these for years. I absolutely love them! Wonderful company to deal with.

    • williamlennon

      Thank you Denise for taking the time to review your 78TC boots for us. We really appreciate the feedback, and thank you once again for your order. Libs

  9. cpotz

    I bought a pair of these about 5 years ago, I had them made up in pebble (zug) grain leather….they are without doubt the best boot I’ve ever had in 40 years of wearing boots!!
    I’ve worn them constantly through 5 winters and on and off throughout the rest of the seasons apart from high summer , they are fantastically comfortable once worn in ( actually from the off) leather laces are a boon as they don’t come undone…I cannot praise them enough…..I’ll need to take them back for a resole soon I guess as the Vibram commando soles are just starting to wear at the heels….I may go for Dainite as the commandos whilst extremely good are pigs for pickings up gravel off my path..
    Keep up the great work you do at Lennon and long may you prosper!!!

  10. ianrawes

    I’d been looking for a traditional British style work boot for a while, but nowhere seemed to sell them any more. Then my wife ordered me a pair of these and I’ve been wearing them for about six weeks now. These are great boots! They’re sturdy, well made and look good. I’ve had no blisters so fat and already they feel quite well broken-in. As per the care leaflet’s advice I applied dubbin after a few days’ wear. Look after your boots and they’ll look after you.

  11. Phil (verified owner)

    I stumbled across William lennon & Co by accident after speaking to a relative regarding traditional work boots mentioning that no one seems to do them anymore and was pointed in The direction of William Lennon, After much deliberation I finally purchased some 78TC work boots in January 2017 ( I couldnt decide to have either the 78 TC or the WW1 B5’s) Eventually I settled on the 78 TC’s and boy was the lead time worth the wait! Good old fashioned heavy boots just like i Grew up with the in the 80’s that are just at home down the pub as they are marching across across a ploughed field, supremely comfortable without question before, during and after the initial bedding in period no blisters at all which I’m usually afflicted with when bedding in modern mass produced boots . I now have a second pair which recently survived being submerged past ankle depth in thick mud and they did not leak a drop, my foot was dry as a bone ( unlike my jeans) and after drying carefully and a good wipe down and re wax they look as good as ever and none the worse for the experience. Customer service has been faultless right from my initial emails to the team regarding sizing and was kept in the loop via my account as to the build process and I will not hesitate to contact for resoles when required and to purchase more boots when funds allow. Many thanks to Libs and the Team for their superb product.

    • williamlennon

      Many thanks for taking the time to leave a review on your 78TC traditional work boots. We really appreciate it, and hope that your William Lennon boots continue to work hard, play hard and be comfortable for you too. Kind regards, Libs & all the team here at William Lennon & Co.

  12. Fourcoh (verified owner)

    Excellent, comfortable, very well made and rugged boots, amongst the best footwear I’ve ever had. More than worth the wait and exceptional value for money in my opinion.

    Agree with an earlier review regarding insoles – whilst they are more than fine without, when you have insoles of any kind in it really makes a difference.

    Highly recommended for an all-round boot, good for town pavement or hiking day in day out. Thank you!

  13. james.tcms (verified owner)

    I have had a pair of these boots for two years now and can honestly say these are the best boots I have owned. I am a hefty bloke weighing in at 18 stones and get through work boots like nothing else. Cheaper pairs bought from places like Screwfix would last me three months tops, I have bought expensive boots from Meindl, Scarpa etc and have worn them out within a year. I’m two years in with these boots and they are just getting ready for re soling having been worn and worked hard for 6 days a week, 52 weeks of the year, the uppers are still in great condition. I am so pleased with them I am ordering another two pairs. I wear them in all weathers and work in all terrains, snow, mud, wet grass, paving, rocky etc and have found them comfortable throughout. They don’t smell either when your feet get hot!

  14. Adam Lynch (verified owner)

    I had my first set of 78TC boots nearly 12months I Love my first pair so much I’ve just ordered a second pair exactly the same plus a set of 178 . I had Libs fit me a steel to cap in these boots and unlike mass produced boots it’s not pinched me once. Exceptional grip even in muddy fields.

    I spend a lot of time on my hands and knees with my work and these boots are standing the stuffing of the to leather very very well. More than up to the rough environment of farm and building site.

  15. Bert Niesten (verified owner)

    I received my boots somewhere in October and I was amazed by so much quality. They where tight in the beginning and breaking in was tough, I even sent them back for some help and assistance. When they came back I started to wear them in the house for a short time every day. Now after a few weeks they start to mould to my feet and I already took them for some walks. The quality is exceptional and I’ve never had such excellent boots. This is what I will recommend everybody who loves high quality footwear. Thanks for all the assistance Libs and for supplying me with the good advice how to break them in.
    Best regards from Bert from Holland

  16. Graham Dalby (verified owner)

    I’ve had these since August 2020 and they’ve been superb.. Took me a while to bed in,
    but they’ve taken everything I’ve thrown at them from brooks, mud, clay, brambles and
    anything you can encounter on a country walk with 2 ex-racing Greyhounds. Whether
    wood or field, rain or shine, I’ve NEVER felt these boots will let me down.. Thank you
    for making a good study boot..

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