B5 World War 1 Replica Boot

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This is a replica of the B5 type boot which was issued by the Army during The Great War.


Product Description

Handcrafted replica of the B5 type boot which was issued by the Army during The Great War. Our boot is copied from an actual surviving pair of originals using the original patterns & knives found in the factory’s archives.

They are made on the correct 2181 square toe wooden lasts that were used here during WWI when William Lennon repaired the boots for the army.

The upper is made from heavy gauge, dark brown oiled ‘rough out’ kip reverse tanned leather that is produced in a local Derbyshire tannery. They have a leather insole, a double leather outsole and a military ring tipped heel. The sole is nailed with the military type flat ‘gripper’ studs.

The soles and heels of the B5 boots will be finished with the full metalwork unless specified in the comments box at time of the order being placed.

Other sole finishes for this style are available – please contact us for information.

These boots are not just look-a-likes they are hard-wearing boots built to perform & produced from the highest quality materials and components.

If you have any queries or would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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8 reviews for B5 World War 1 Replica Boot

  1. robth100

    I purchased a pair of these boots about 3 years ago for WWI living history demonstrations. I’ve been re-enacting for about 30 years and these are by far the best boots I have ever owned. The craftsmanship and quality is excellent. They are worth every penny and I highly recommend them over anything else out on the market.

    • williamlennon

      Thank you for your feedback on the B5 WWI Replica boots we produced for you. We very much like to hear back from our customers, and if you have any images of your boots ‘in action’ we would really like to see them too.

      Kind regards

      Libs Slattery

  2. oliverstephens

    Had mine for nearly 2 years.. Love them to bits. Take a little wearing in but that’s to be expected with quality materials. Look forward to many more years out of them. Have my eye on a different pair now.

    Pleasure to deal with this company also.

    • williamlennon

      Thank you so much for your positive comments with regards to your B5 WWI boots. We really appreciate you taking the time to give feedback, and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

  3. davidhodson502 (verified owner)

    I got my boots with the intention of using them for re-enacting, though after a few days of wearing them in I decided to take them on holiday to the Lake District. After having climbed a couple of mountains I can confirm these are excellent boots, are very well made, offer good ankle support and are generally very comfortable. Navigating rocky terrain with hobnails is an interesting experience and you soon learn to walk a bit differently to get good traction. One piece of advice – wear thick socks!

    • williamlennon

      Thank you for taking the time to write a review and some feedback on your B5 WWI Replica boots. It’s good to hear that they are being used for walking and climbing, and the advice to wear thick socks will be helpful for potential customers who are thinking of ordering a pair too.

      We really appreciate the feedback, and if you ever get any photos of your boots whilst out walking, we would love to see them.

  4. lindberg.ha

    These are just something else than the stuff found on department stores. The whole boot has that charming hand crafted feel to it and the leather is extremely nice. Moreover, the last shape happens to fit my foot perfectly and after relatively little wear these are actually very comfortable – being all leather they form to your feet well in time. I have grown so fond of them that I’m almost regretting about not asking rubber half soles and heels right from the start instead of the standard metal studs and heel irons – those are risky in indoor use and I’d love to wear these everywhere. Then again it’s a shame they don’t do hardwood floors anymore! Anyway, I’ll have to consider this modification later on, if only to give the local cobbler something to do. By the way, marching on modern unforgiving paved roads wear the iron hobnails pretty fast, but of course this isn’t a fault of the boots.

    Like others have mentioned, I would also recommend good light to medium weight woollen socks with these, or any boots for that matter, as woollen socks are way better than cotton ones even during summer months. I also used these during a few days long occasion in quite rough terrain with just one pair of medium weight wool socks (and wool puttees!) and came out without a blister, unlike some guys who wore modern GTX boots, which I found quite hilarious especially after their “seriously?” style comments on the B5’s. I would also recommend some insoles. Even leather ones work well, I have found out.

    I guess this boot with just a single layer leather sole with rubber half sole and heel would be the casual boot to end the need for others.

  5. mikeeverest

    Bought mine near 6 years ago. I’ve marched across France, Belgium, the UK and put them through hell in replica trenches in Newville Pennsylvania, they have never ever once failed me. They are an extension of my foot.
    Quite simply the finest boots I have ever ever owned. In that time I hvae had them re-hobnailed just once only (with original nails as well!). They are a truly outstanding shoe.


    • williamlennon

      Wow! Thank you Mike for the feedback on your B5 WWI Replica boots after 6 years of service. We are so pleased to hear that your boots have served you well and that they are still going strong. If you ever take photos of the boots ‘in action’, we would love to see them. Regards, Libs

  6. robertlangham

    What is there to be said that hasn’t been done so already? Had mine for ten years now (scary thought, been doing Great War living history for that long…) and still going strong. They’ve been clumped once and sent back another time for hob nailing, both times done by Lennon for a very reasonable price, probably cheaper than going to a local cobbler. They really are the best available, I believe they’re made using the original tooling that the ones made during the war were, so they’re not just replicas, just continued production! Far, far better than any others available out there. Might be expensive compared to others but can’t understand why anyone would consider an alternative to these, both in terms of their authenticity and the fact they are proper boots and will look after your feet as opposed to poor quality reproductions that don’t last with sustained use. Must cut the review short as have to pack for an event in original practise trenches dug in 1915 high up on the moors, where yet again I know my boots will do all that is asked of them and look great whilst doing so!

  7. markgamsu

    I bought a pair of these two and a half years ago and wear them a lot – as many people on the reviews on the website say the service from William Lennon and Libs is great. I asked William Lennon to put rubber soles over the leather which has worked well and I have had them resoled/heeled a couple of times at Cobblers and Keys on West Street in Sheffield and they continue to provide great service. If I had one minor criticism the leather tab at the back started to tear quite quickly – so I stopped using it to pull the boots on!

    • williamlennon

      Thank you for your feedback and positive comments on your B5 WWI Replica boots. Good to hear that your boots are still going strong (we have noted your comment with regards to the pull tab). Kind regards, Libs.

  8. smith.ieuan13 (verified owner)

    These are a really well made pair of boots and some of the most comfortable pair of boots I have bought for re-enactment. They were even comfortable before I broke them in so imagine what they were like when they were! I was on the fence about getting a pair of these boots considering they are just over double the price of other boots on the market. But after seeing the problems friends were having with other similar boots (such as them lasting only one resole at best) I decided to invest my money and get a pair of these. Hands down these are worth the money. These are not just an accurate pair of boots for WW1 Living History, they are also very well made boots that will last you a lifetime (unless, of course, you decide you like them so much you wear them as an everyday pair, which giving their comfort I could nearly do). The service from the company was remarkable and they were able to accommodate my need for the boots but reducing a 12 week production time to 6 weeks. That’s what I call customer service!

    I very much look forward to using these boots over the coming years and all of my re-enactment friends are equally impressed and plan to purchase a pair when their old boots retire over the coming year or two. If my review and all the other reviews on here are to tell you anything, it’s don’t sit on the fence and invest in these boots!

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