S30 External Cap Safety

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Industrial footwear UK made. Rufflander branded external steel toe cap work boots.

SKU: s30
  • steel toes
  • Oil resistant
  • European Standard

Product Description

Industrial footwear UK made. Rufflander branded external steel toe cap work boots.

Quality all leather uppers sewn together with extra strong polyester thread. Padded ankle support. Cap on the outside is particularly useful for tradesmen who spend time on their knees, such as fitters or people who kick things such as wallers. Direct vulcanised rubber sole which is reistant to oil, acid, alkali and resistant to 300 degrees heat. Wide fitting shape.

Very tough workwear from one of the longest established safety boots and safety shoes suppliers and manufacturers in Britain. To see similar style with internal cap click here

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9 reviews for S30 External Cap Safety

  1. lesliebeswick

    I visited your factory in April of this year, with the sole intention of buying a pair of these S30 external toe cap boots. The idea was to buy these boots to get an idea of how they performed and how they fitted me in general use. I also wished to buy a product that was made in Great Britain, and support British industry.
    After wearing these boots, mainly for walking the dogs out in the country, I must say that I am extremely happy with the quality, fit and build, and feel they will give me many years of comfortable use.
    Upon my un-announced visit to your factory, I was made to feel welcome, and the gentleman who sorted my order, was quite happy to answer all of my silly questions regarding your products.
    Since that visit, I have also just purchased a pair of P20 safety boots, and intend to purchase a pair of William Lennon work boots at a later date.
    Not being a millionaire, it is nice to know that one can get a good quality British product, at an extremely competitive price without being priced totally out of the market.

  2. sumanwigit (verified owner)

    I’m now on my second pair of these. Not that my first pair have worn out, i’ve had those three years now and they’re still going strong even if a bit tatty. After wearing Docs and cheaper toolstation type work boots that i have holed the sole on in less than six months i cannot recommend these guys highly enough. For the extra 20 quid you get a proper thick leather boot with solid rubber neverending soles. if you want a real oldschool boot that lasts on the shovel and polish up nice on a friday night then these are the ones. Also, regarding the other review, phoned up with a size question and the lady who took my call was was as helpful and cheery as you would ever want. i’m ordering a pair of FB2 foundry boots in the new year purely because i know i will get a quality product at a very good price. thanks guys. Buy British!

  3. coombsfh (verified owner)

    A characteristic I am not proud of but am unable to deny is that I am a very heavy user of most kit. Amongst friends, anything that survives perhaps a year in my possession is deemed ‘Fred-proof’.

    I am not happy admitting it, but I am the chap/oaf that will break a crowbar in half ‘just using it’. I will smash a watch to smithereens carrying something through a doorway. To put it another way – “[I] am a consummate, consistent wrecker of things…”

    Very few items I have owned can be blessed with the moniker ‘Fred-proof’. Falcon Enamelware mugs, Casio 5600 watches, Bahco tools, old Volvo estates (almost), and the titanium spork share the esteemed durability an item must have to be verified as ‘Fred-proof’.

    My job is particularly demanding on the clothes and footwear I use. I am a brewer; there is heavy lifting, constant wetness, caustic solutions, acidic solutions, sugary solutions, dust, heat, cold and a lot of controlling rolling metal casks with your feet…

    A typical leather safety boot or Wellington would be the natural choice. Sadly, after only a short period of cask kicking, the leather or rubber begins to fail on the toecap. Imagine the leather or rubber being the material that is worked between a solid steel toecap and a 57kg cask of beer. Not hard to imagine the poor boots failing quickly.

    Despite not being made for specifically for oafish Brewers, the S30 External Toecap Boot is by far the best fit for the job I do. The leather is thick yet supple within days. The bellows on the tongue guarantee dry feet. The rubber grips on the smoothly polished concrete floor, regardless of whether there is caustic, paracetic acid, water, beer, yeast or hops beneath. The eyelets are strong and show no signs of pulling out. Most important of all, the metal toecap can kick 57kg metal casks all day long and the boot simply laps it up. There is not ‘anvil’ effect mentioned above so the mode of failure for this boot will be wearing out the sole, not the material of the toecap.

    A further advantage of these boots is that if you find yourself toiling at the weekends as I do, these boots will withstand digging, amateur car and bike mechanicing, chainsawing, bonfires, removals work – the list goes on. They even look presentable after work if wiped off!

    The only criticism I can level at these boots is that standing all day in them can be a touch uncomfortable. I remedied this with a pair of insoles from running shoes I have. This is more of a subjective criticism than an objective one. I am sure many people find comfort in the boots as they come.

    In summary, these boots have withstood and continue to withstand the rigours of the life of a brewer. The exposed toecap is the key to their longevity. Everything I have thrown at them, they have survived which leaves me no choice but to bestow upon them the accolade of ‘Fred-Proof’. There is no higher praise I can give.

    • williamlennon

      WOW! Fred-Proof boots, what can we say. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such amazing feedback, we really appreciate it.

  4. stephen_daley (verified owner)

    The best money I’ve spent in ages.

    I am very impressed with these boots. Incredibly sturdy and the external toe cap is solid as anything. They were very comfy out of the box which was a nice surprise. So far they have stood up to everything I have put them through, which includeds being covered in paint and getting swarf stuck in the sole.

    I have also used them for dog walking and they have been excellent. Comfy and impressively water proof for an untreated boot.

    The other thing worth mentioning is just the sheer quality of the boots themselves. I have expensive dress shoes which can’t compete with the quality of leather on these boots. I haven’t done it, because I have trashed mine by covering them in different types of paint, but they would polish up beautifully. They are wonderfully stitched and I’m sure they will last a long time.

    The only criticism I have is I should have bought 2 pairs to keep one nice. That aside I can’t recommend these boots enough.

    • williamlennon

      Thank you Stephen for your positive feedback on the S30 boots. We really appreciate you taking the time to review your purchase with us, and look forward to hearing from you again in the future. Regards, Libs.

  5. info29 (verified owner)

    I bought these while working on a fencing contract, and they took a lot of serious punishment from day one. A massive improvement on my old dealer boots, I felt I was in boot heaven! They look “old-fashioned” which also means “well
    made” to me, and they should last for years and years. I’ve hardly had these off my feet in the last two months, they’ve become my favourite country boots. Have to add: Lennons repaired an old pair of vintage boots I had, and the resole and horseshoe heel job is first class.

  6. johndeller (verified owner)

    Im on my second pair of S30 boots and just wanted to say how great they are. My last pair lasted 5 years of daily abuse, welding, crawling about on concrete and gravel, shifting heavy steel sections and getting covered in chemicals. Also im flat footed so all of my footwear takes a beating simply from my dodgy feet. So for a pair of £50 boots to last 5 years is amazing, especially when my work mates are replacing their more expensive Dewalts and Caterpillars on a yearly basis. I cant praise them enough and what makes them better is the are made in Britain. Thanks.

    • williamlennon

      Thank you John for your feedback and positive comments on your S30 boots. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know that you are happy with your English-made boots.

  7. mfwpunch (verified owner)

    Absolutely great boots. They have survived a couple of winter seasons planting trees and walling and remained waterproof with a bit of dubbin. As a bonus, they look really good in a Steam Punky way. Can’t recommend them too highly. Well done Lennons!

  8. MR IAN R JONES (verified owner)

    Having bought leading workwear brands of safety boots for 25 years or more, working as a gardener, I wished to reduce my plastic waste (in all areas of living) and buy boots containing a higher percentage of sustainable and renewable materials. Most modern boots contain a thick man-made fibre liner and innersole, and a number of man-made materials forming the outer part of the boot. At end of life, these will languish in landfill for thousands of years without breaking down due to the lack of oxygen and compression of the rubbish around them. Furthermore during the life of “modern” boots, plastic micro fibres will be lost from the man-made materials and end up as microplastics blowing into our watercourses and eventually the oceans. My new Rufflander boots, however, are only leather, steel, and rubber with maybe a little nylon stitching so when fibres of leather are lost, they break down naturally into the environment….no lasting legacy of contamination. That said, the rubber particles degrading from all rubber soles remain an environmental problem, but Rufflander do offer a hobnail leather sole for many of their boots….if I’m brave enough to give this a go sometime and improve my environmental impact yet further. So back to Rufflander – I received the boots….and I know this is a bit weird but I had to keep opening the box and sniffing the leather, imagining what the Derbyshire factory smells like. Eventually, I had to bite the bullet and get them dirty. The results: superb. Why did I wait this long to discover Rufflander? Standing still, it is true that my feet are colder than in a modern, nylon-lined boot, but when moving around which is the norm, my feet are much warmer under this single skin of thick leather. This is because my feet don’t sweat under the leather whereas in a modern nylon-lined boot – leather outer and labelled “waterproof” and “breathable”, the truth is that the modern boot does not breathe properly and sweaty feet become cold feet. I love the Rufflander boots. I see from other reviews the suggestion to put in a homemade wool liner which would be sensible to do. I also see the comments on the advertised colour of some boots not matching the product and I think it important to ensure this is accurate…yes…even gardeners hold on to vanity! I would also urge Rufflander to use natural twine and natural laces in all their boots to move away from man-made fibres, as good as they are, in order to avoid plastic microfibre leaching into the environment. Rufflander….you need to get your name out there and get these reviews out there! A step back to the traditional has been a step forward in comfort …oh…and the smell of the leather……! Awesome boots – thanks. Watch out for my next order!

  9. Kevin Wynn (verified owner)

    Bought last July, worn 6 days a week either wet or covered in concrete and mortar, landscaper by trade, I’ve usually killed cats or Dr. Ms by now, these boots are still going strong, will definitely be buying these again.

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